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Fall River Massachusetts Probate Lawyer.



At the Law Office of Richard E. Kühn, III, we

understand the tumult that the loss of a loved one can create.


The probate process can be confusing at times. In Massachusetts this can be compounded by the fact that the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code has recently gone into effect, causing some confusion among self represented litigants.

In Massachusetts, depending on the size of the Estate, it may be possible to use an expedited and simplified process called "Informal Probate." These informal probate procedures do not require you to go to court and are much less expensive than the Formal proceedings.

In order to determine what probate proceeding would be appropriate to your case, you should contact a Massachusetts Probate Lawyer who will review the assets to determine whether or not they are probate assets requiring a probate proceeding.


We understand the Probate process. We know you have a lot on your mind ; let us help.


Call Fall River Probate Lawyer Richard E. Kühn, III today for a free no-obligation initial consultation. 774-955-0808


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