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If you are a landlord in Rhode Island who needs to regain control of your rental property and collect back-rent, retaining a Rhode Island Eviction Lawyer is the first step.


We have helped landlords regain control of their premises from tenants who simply fail to pay their rent, have breached their lease, or have committed a criminal act on the premises.


We understand the financial pressure on our clients to regain control of their property and lease it to a paying tenant as soon as possible. We offer our clients flat-rates on most evictions. 


In Rhode Island, the procedure to evict a tenant varies depending on the grounds for eviction. Making sure that each step is followed to the letter of the law is imperative in Rhode Island. It is important to note that Rhode Island Eviction actions may be maintained in the District Court sitting in the county where your rental property is situated.


Additionally, a prerequisite to maintaining an eviction action in Rhode Island is properly serving the Notice to Quit. The form of the Notice to Quit varies depending on the reason for eviction and must be served properly or else the action may be dismissed weeks later. Therefore it is imperative that the Notice be drafted perfectly and served in the same manner.


The right time to call a Rhode Island Eviction Lawyer is the day of the tenants failure to adhere to a lease provision or pay rent. We can assist you in making sure that the process is carried out smoothly and efficiently.


Often times we encounter clients who have attempted to initiate the eviction process on their own and have made costly mistakes that cause the eviction process to drag on longer than it should. Don't go it alone; call a Rhode Island Eviction Lawyer today and let us handle your eviction from start to finish. Call 401-388-0412 for a free initial consultation today!


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