East Greenwich Criminal Defense Lawyer.


Criminal charges are no laughing matter. Defendants are afforded rights under the State and Federal Constitutions that they must be aware of; it is our job to know and advise our clients of their rights respective of any criminal matter.

The first thing to remember is that a criminal defendant has the right to remain silent. If you have been charged with a crime, you should not speak with anyone about it except for a qualified criminal defense attorney admitted in Rhode Island.

Furthermore, it is imperative to understand the collateral consequences of a plea before entering into any agreement with a prosecutor. For instance, could conviction result in loss of your firearms license? Will this plea agreement negatively affect a concurrent family court matter? Will this plea prevent my record from being sealed or expunged easily? Of course, every case is different and requires individualized attention to the details of the allegations contained in the criminal complaint.
Additionally, it is imperative to understand your rights in regard to 1.) the propriety of the stop, 2.) the legality of the search, 3.) the sufficiency of the Miranda warning given at the time of the arrest, or 4.) the sufficiency of the evidence as it relates to the offense charged. Of course, these are simply examples of some of the issues that we look into when we undertake representation of our clients. Contact us to discuss your case confidentially at 401-388-0412.


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