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Smart Estate Planning for Growing Families.

Estate Planning

Family at a Beach

Q: What is an "Estate Plan" and Do I need One? 

A: Yes, and let me explain why: 

I often receive calls from folks who have recently realized that their life has changed in a way that warrants a call to our office. One of the primary groups of people we assist are young families. Often, life has moved at a rapid pace for them; jobs, marriage, children, purchase of a home, and upon reflection, they realize that they have no plan in place for their children. 

Some of the questions we help our clients answer through development of a comprehensive plan are: 1.) If my spouse and I pass in a common accident, how can we provide for our children? 2.) If we are no longer here for our children, can we select a preferred guardian? How can we do that? 3.) Do we need Wills? 4.) I own a small business, how can I make sure my kids get it when I pass?

After consultation and review of our clients' assets and needs we are able to tailor an Estate Plan that may incorporate Wills, Trusts 

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