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Fall River Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

​In Massachusetts, a married couple can file for an Uncontested Divorce. Our office offers a low flat fee to obtain a Uncontested Divorce.
What is an Uncontested Divorce? An Uncontested Divorce is possible when both spouses agree to divorce based upon an irretrievable breakdown of their marriage and do not have any major disagreements concerning spousal maintenance, property distribution and the like. In Massachusetts, in order to obtain an Uncontested Divorce under G.L. c. 208 sec. 1A the parties must prepare a series of forms, typically a Marital Separation Agreement outlining the specific terms of the parties agreement, as well as attend parenting classes if there are children involved. Flat rate fees are available on Uncontested Matters through our office whereas Contested Divorce proceedings are not. There are numerous benefits to proceeding with an Uncontested Divorce over a Contested Divorce.
How is this different than a contested divorce? Contested divorce proceedings take much more time due to the fact that a Judge must resolve any major disagreements of the parties. Of course, even where the parties find themselves in a contested divorce, there are opportunities to reolve any disagreements prior to a full trial on the matter. Contested divorce may be necessary if your spouse is unreasonable in their demands or simply has unfettered ill will towards you.
We make sure that your rights are protected. At the Law Office of Richard E. Kühn, III, you can have the best of both worlds: An experienced divorce lawyer to ensure that everything is done correctly, and the expeditious and economical reduced cost of proceeding for Uncontested Divorce.


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Click Here to View the Massachusetts Statute Pertaining to Uncontested Divorces
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