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Fall River Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers, Speedn Ticket Defense Lawyers | United States

Fall River Traffic Ticket

Defense Lawyer.


Traffic tickets may seem insignifcant to many motorists, but left unattended these tickets can snow ball into far larger problems.


Massachusetts calls traffic offenses Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions.


Penalties vary depending on your charged infraction. You can check your possible penalty by clicking the link on this page. Penalties include a "head injury" fund fee assessed at the time of judgment as well as surcharge penalties assessed thereafter.


If you are facing a traffic ticket in Massachusetts, we offer low flat rates for representation in most Massachusetts Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction hearings. Let us argue your case for you.


Call Fall River Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer Richard E. Kühn, III today to schedule a free, no obligation, initial consultation. 774-955-0808 or visit the Contact page to leave your details.

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